How to Enter Sweepstakes


Welcome to the Sweepstakes advantage orientation post on how to enter sweepstakes.

The first thing that I wanted to do is address a question that we get asked very frequently, and that is, do we enter the sweepstakes automatically for you? The answer to that is no because if we did enter the sweepstakes for you or if there was a program that could do that for you, it's very likely that your entries would be disqualified. You have to submit the form yourself because these sponsors create the offers or sweepstakes so that in the process of entering you view their website or product. But here at sweepstakes advantage, you have the advantage of having thousands of sweepstakes all in one place, we also have tools to help you enter quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to Google endlessly for different sweepstakes, they're all in one place. First, we're going to do a little bit of navigation of the front page, and one of the first things you see is pretty prominent is the winner's circle. Here you can read stories about people from SI who have won prizes, so you just click on one of these. It sounds interesting to you, and it'll bring you to the forum where you can read about somebody's winning story and tell them congratulations or maybe even write a thread for yourself if you win something.

There are a few different ways to navigate the website and find sweepstakes. First of all, we're looking here at browse, sweepstakes by category, here we categorize our sweepstakes by how you enter them, so here you see a daily unlimited entry, 24-hour entry, instantly CLE monthly one entry, and so much more, and eventually, you'll probably have your favorites. Let's say your favorite type of sweep is a one entry, so we're going to look for someone entry sweepstakes, so here we are at one entry sweepstakes, and contests now, the ones I'm looking at right now may not be the ones that you're looking at, sweepstakes start and expire all the time. So we may not be looking at the same thing, but if something you see looks interesting and you'd like to enter it, all you have to do is click on the title of the listing, and you can read through them, you have the rules and the expiration date of the sweepstakes. It's very easy to enter by just clicking on the title, and we'll actually go through and enter some sticks, just a little bit later.

Next, we're going to go down and we have browse sweepstakes by prize and popular sweepstakes destinations. Now, this is pretty self-explanatory, you can find different prizes that have to do with, maybe writing an essay computer pieces prizes for your home travel photos, the sea of sticks, so pretty easy to navigate popular sweepstakes destinations, else sweepstakes GMC sweepstakes. If you're interested in any of these you just click on them and it will bring you to an offer or listing.

Another way to find sweepstakes and narrow your search is to use the search bar, so you can search through current sweepstakes, my sweepstakes expired through forum and coupons. We're going to look through current sweepstakes, and let's say you are looking for specifically, so many prizes, so let's type that in search for that, so here are all of the listing, says there are 20 listings that found the keyword Sony, so if you are looking for a Sony prize, this would be the place to go to enter them.

Now let's show you basically how to enter a sweepstakes through our own sweepstakes, here at sweepstakes advantage, if you look at this bar with all these lovely options on the side, right here there is a button that says members sweepstakes, and these are sweepstakes that are run by us here at sweepstakes advantage. So we are giving away an Acer Chromebook to one lucky winner, you enter the sweepstakes below, and after entry grab your referral link for unlimited entries, so very simple. You just enter your email address, agree to rules, click that and enter now, great, we have one entry, so you can get bonus entries by visiting the website, liking us sharing on Facebook, sharing on Google+, and following on Google+.

It's very easy and many sweepstakes are set up just like that, so I hope that this post was helpful to you.

How to Enter Sweepstakes

How to Enter Sweepstakes

This is the Sweepstakes advantage orientation post on how to enter sweepstakes, It's very easy and many sweepstakes are set up just like what explained in the post.